A Concierge CBD/ Medical Cannabis practice providing expertise, information and treating clinical providers, to help sick clients and their families.  YOUR WELLNESS IS MY TOP PRIORITY.

Paul Bregman MD, AACM - Your experienced, board certified expert in CBD and Medical Cannabis (THC, CBD, THCA, CBDA, Terpenes)

Paul Bregman MD provides - Education information, website links, answers to questions about CBD/ Medical Cannabis, and other Client Services including recommending and connecting the sick client with a CBD/ Medical Cannabis medical expert for treatment

Dr. Bregman is available FOR A SHORT FREE PHONE CONSULTATION to discuss your needs and answer any questions about his services and fees.

I am here to provide you with personalized client services. if you have general or specific questions regarding the use of CBD/ Medical Cannabis in your treatment plan , please contact me via email for a short FREE confidential phone consultation. please fill out the information as requested below (scroll down this page)

Who is Paul Bregman MD?

MY medical background is as a trained diagnostic radiologist, with specific expertise in breast imaging. I have been living in Denver since 1987.

My work in medical cannabis started in 2007 and I have performed different roles since that time. is my focused concierge CBD/ Medical Cannabis practice that began in early 2018.

I bring to this current practice previous experience as an active medical cannabis clinician and also a legal CBD/medical cannabis patient in Colorado.

American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine

CBD/Medical Cannabis Information Expert

Professional, Knowledgeable, Caring. What you need from an information resource.
You are not alone.

Concierge CBD/Medical Cannabis Information Consultations

Confidential, Personalized Information given about CBD/Medical Cannabis, etc. including referrals to medical cannabis experts when applicable.

Your Personal Medical Cannabis Information Resource


How and why?

Important facts-


Recommended Articles, Books, Websites

Most Useful Links

Project CBD

Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?

NY Times and Medical Cannabis articles (subscription may be required)

Scientific American and Medical Cannabis articles

Recommended Books

Books listed are available for purchase broadly wherever you like to buy your books.

CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis ~ Healing Without the High
Leonard Leinow with Juliana Birnbaum

The Pot Book-  Julie Holland MD

annabis Pharmacy- Michael Backes

Cannabis Revealed-  Bonni Goldstein MD


What My Clients Say About My Services

See how I have helped others with my consultations.

I met Dr. Bregman in 2016, through a close friend of mine. My history is uterine cancer, stage 3C with conventional treatment, chemo and radiation over the past 5 years.

Paul Bregman provided the cannabis information services that helped me make informed choices. He listened and was empathetic as I became part of his concierge services. I felt as if I hit the mother lode when I found him.

Dr. Bregman truly knows his stuff. He listened and answered all my questions and concerns. Working with Dr. Bregman changed my life for the better. The cannabis information he provided made the difference.

Beth G, March 2017

Dr. Bregman has been a valuable resource as he scans the cannabis literature regularly, contacts other experts in the cannabis arena, and emails to me relevant cannabis information to discuss with my treating physicians. Paul B. also has strengths in networking and understanding the industry that can positively impact other clients like me. It helped me.


If you need to gain insights and information about medical cannabis, then Dr. Paul Bregman is the information expert. His years of learning, educating and researching cannabis science are impressive. He consults with cannabis professional colleagues regularly. Moreover, his passion for this subject and his ability to be your advocate stands out and makes him and his services special.

Belina Fruitman, LCSW, CAClll, Owner of A Woman's Way to Recovery and

I am here to answer your CBD/Medical Cannabis questions. Contact me for a FREE, short, confidential phone consultation to determine if I can help you.

You have questions, I have answers.

I am here to help. Contact me.

Please contact me for a short, complimentary call to determine if I can help.


This is a fee for service concierge practice based on what services i provide to you.

Disclaimer is an active information resource website only. No diagnosis/treatment/dosing regimens are provided. Paul Bregman is speaking as a medical cannabis patient and expert, who has a medical degree but his role here is to help his clients gain cannabis information and possibly connect them with a cannabis expert(s) for treatment options if warranted.
Always consult with your physician(s) before beginning any treatment program. The service/information given here is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional.